I am a child of God, a wife to Allen, my best friend (and builder of all my canvas frames), mother of 4 precious children, and an artist.

Allen serves as the college director of Young Life in Boulder,Colorado at CU. We have been involved in the ministry for over 19 years. We loved living in the quaint little town of Oxford where Allen served as area director & college director for 10 years. Our home was always filled with the activity of plenty college and high school students.  I spent days hanging out with college girls listening to their stories and sharing life with them at a pivotal time in their lives and painting and having 4 kids. We moved to Boulder on December 23, 2016 and are excited to be on a new adventure!  Our children have spent their "entire" lives sharing us with our Young Life friends and they think its normal to have rowdy college kids in our home past 9 p.m. on a school night... so they are very flexible and have made the transition well into their new home!   

My passions are ignited when I'm painting. The concepts of freedom and Life excite me! Jesus is alive in me and I express His life through freedom in color, exploring space, and creating depth with texture and line. I want life to be simple and uncomplicated, (although sometimes its messy) it gives me great joy and rest to paint simple scenes in nature or birds with a little bit of whimsy!  I am expecting to flourish in my new environment with so much new material to inspire me- on our way to bring the kids to school each morning I am gifted with the FlatIrons to the West and breathtaking sunrises to the East.  So get ready to journey with me as my artistic soul is unleashed in new & exciting ways!!

I studied interior design for my undergraduate degree and went on to pursue graduate school in Art Education. My graduate degree was cut short because my husband was called to serve in Afghanistan during our first pregnancy.   I will always consider myself to be a student, learning and growing from other artists and photographers and I hope to take a few classes in a university setting once my youngest is settled in school.  I have been creating and selling my art since 2007 and hope to continue for as long as I live!

I love working personally with people to create one of a kind commissions. Please email me with questions or ideas!  

Be amazing today because that is who you are!

Blessings, Raina