I knew I had the dreaded, blasted curse because I didn't feel like eating pizza!  My #3 kid got a fever on Sunday and didn't realize how bad it was until Thursday when he still has the fever!  Took him to the doc and yep- the flu!  And that medicine is so darn expensive that I am slow to purchase it ... but Allen and Stephen (child #1) are headed to Nicaragua tomorrow so I went ahead and got them some meds, then Benjamin's temp skyrocketed to 103.6 so got him some meds...then....I mentioned to Ellie that we would of course order pizza that night - but I didn't feel like eating pizza!!!! (We ALwAYS order papa johns when Allen goes out of town b/c he thinks pizza is junk food - what?? It's grain and veggies and dairy!! ...and I don't like being judged) Even tho I do have a large stomach ache after I eat it- I will endure the pain for the momentary pleasure of warm, thick, chewy yet crispy pizza crust- I'll just eat all of everyone's crust if u let me!! Then I will take probiotics, oregano oil, enzymes and a shot of heaven- some Braggs - whooo hooo! That's a whole story By itself for later!! 

So after spending $100 just on the co-pay Plus gator-rator (that's what my 3 yo calls it) apple juice, jello, grape juice, ginger ale, crackers, The chicken noodle elixir of life soup, a new Angled eyebrow brush, people magazine to catch up on the news and World events, And 4 redbox movies that came to the grand total of $4,000. 

Sickness is a darn good business if u ask me! But it's worth it to see my baby get Better and to have peace of mind knowing Allen and Stephen won't be stuck in a country with one airport and have the flu, and my mom was so sweet to come and stay with me so I can get some painting done for Double Decker - all that is worth $4,000! Right??